The program CommDel is designed to process a PHP source code to remove and recover comments. This feature is useful if you would like to publish a developed software in open access.

System requirements

  1. Windows XP and later, Java 7
  2. Windows Vista and later, Java 8

Guide for use

1) After installing the program a new CommDel item appears in the context menu of PHP files. This option enables the program to process a file (for example myfile.php) and remove all comments in the source code. If you wish to leave any comment, type three slashes (///) instead of two and the corresponding comment will remain in the code.


2) The original file is not modified and saved in a backup file (myfile@C.php).To restore a comment re-select CommDel (for the file myfile.php) and the backup will be restored.



The program CommDel is free. If you wish you can make a donation.

New version

Version 1.6.0 ( 2016.01.08 ).    Download - CommDel-160-setup (325k).    PAD-file.